my tv audio is gone after lightning the tv is unplugged no cable connected but connected to dvd av output dvd is plugged in wa


Feb 1, 2011
I had lightning damage a plasmaTV I had. It was under warranty so the fix was paid for. One year later it died, not under warranty. Electronic damage can be fixed by replacing whatever module failed but you never know what parts were weakened by the surge. It would have cost me 300+ dollars if I had to pay for the repair myself and would have got me 1 year of use.
If you are not under warranty and can't afford to replace it go to a thrift store and by a stereo VCR for 10 dollars. run the audio out of the VCR into a cheap surround system. The VCR will send the video into the TV. If it has a headphone jack in front you can even hook those up. I do this with my wife's Roku.