My youtube subscribers


Sep 8, 2014
Hi, I have youtube channel and i play gta online, and i recording gta online, so people watching me, i have 1000 subcribers now, and i have on videos 500-1500 views(30 videos upoaded) - Total Views of 30 videos is 50 000 views. i have one question,

i create video contest,on youtube who subscribe me and comment this, can win iphone 5, etc, NO FAKE,

Video have 500 comments and i have 500 new subscribers by this contest, and my question is - if i get 10 000 new people by contest video, (win iphone 5) this people watching my videos on youtube or no? total subscribers 15 000 on my youtube channel, but this people dont know who iam, they want only win iphone and this is reason why subscribe me, if i will have 15 000 subscribers, i will have better more views on my videos? When i upload video >my subscribers get advised message " This "user" upload new video ".......// sorry for my bad english you know what i mean? More Subscribers = More views or no? .....


Dec 8, 2013
Wow this is some level of common sense.

You only have true viewers if you can entertain them without giving away stuff. This is such a loose tactic. You can't lure people with food and expect them to stay with you if you no longer have food.

Again, common sense.

The only Youtubers that pull through are the ones that come up with original content and don't give away free stuff for viewers.

If you are ''just another'' Let's player or whatever without any sort of originality, you might aswell stop. Try giving something to Youtube in a way that isn't known yet.
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