N501JW Cooling Options (Pictures)


Sep 29, 2016
Hi there,

I have recently purchased an Asus N501JW laptop, Intel i7-4720HQ 2.6GHz, 12Gb RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX960M.

The laptop runs quite hot while gaming. It's common to see CPU temperatures of 80-90 C just doing a virus scan. I have taken it back under warranty twice now and it keeps coming back with a clean bill of health and the problem remains. My questions are; are these temperatures unreasonably high? And secondly; I have explored external cooling options but the vent design doesn't allow many of the cooling options on the market at the moment. There are no vents on the underside or sides of the laptop - only the front which sit under where the screen hinges. Seems like a silly design if you ask me. I have attached two photos with the link below to try and explain better. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,