Need a Budget School Laptop


Apr 30, 2013

My old desktop recently went out of commission. To replace it I am looking for something in the $400 and below range. I know it's low and I wont receive much for that price but its all I can afford. I also know if I were to build a desktop I could get something a little better. But, I need a laptop for mobility. This will mainly be used for writing papers, web browsing, and Spotify. So, very lightweight computing. Here is what I have found so far:

HP Chromebook 14: [$350]


OS: Chrome OS
Processor: Intel Celeron 2955U / 1.4 GHz (Haswel)
Hard Drive: 32 GB SSD + 100 GB of Google Drive Storage
Screen: 14" 720p
GPU: Intel HD Graphics
Internet: 200 MB of 4G for 2 Years

Comment: I think this would suffice. I could use Microsoft Office on the web and the Chrome OS Spotify Player. As far as web browsing, It's a chromebook. I would also plan to use crouton to install Ubuntu Unity to use Libre Office (which can save in word format) and maybe Minecraft (I know it would run poorly or not at all).

Asus Transformer Pad T100A: [$359]



OS: Full Windows 8.1
Processor: 1.3GHz quad-core Intel Atom Z3740 CPU
Hard Drive: 32 GB SSD
Screen: 10" 720p
GPU: Intel HD Graphics
Software: Full Microsoft Office Home & Student

Comment: I think this is a strong little tab. It runs full Windows 8.1 and has a quad core processor. It also has a detachable keyboard dock. I could run all my apps and programs on it and it comes with Microsoft Office. All in all, highly impressed.

So what I need you guys to do is help me pick between the two or suggest others! I am very open to suggestions. Keep in mind this is just for basic school use.

Thanks in advance,



I recommend the ASUS tablet. Here's why:
1. Windows is better for productivity- just install Chrome and you have Chrome OS's functionality.
2. The CPUs are both slow, but the Atom wins out over Celeron.
3. The ASUS comes with Office, the most widespread word processing suite- no compatibility issues here.

With either, I would use an external hard drive. I don't know the battery life of those two models, but the ASUS wins for sheer practicality. Plus, if you want Ubuntu, out it on there. It should work anyway.