Need a Center Channel/Speaker help


Jun 6, 2008
I purchased a Pioneer elite VSX-21TXH avr last year & I've been using the speakers I collected over the years. Infinity IL-40 Interlude fronts, an old Infinity Emit-R center channel, pioneer S-H152B-K bookshelf for surround, small pioneer S-HF21-LR for backs & an Infinity Entra sub.

My center channel started buzzing recently & I found today that the foam is splitting from the cone on the right speaker & the left will be soon. It was an old hand me down but sounded nice but not anymore.

I'm happy with my fronts except for the size. I'm in a bedroom setting so those things take up a bit of room.
It would be nice to have some book shelf size fronts that would set on my tv stand on each side of my center that sound at least as good.

Should I just replace my center or buy all new? IDK.

I went to Best Buy & they had 4 center channels that weren't worth the time driving out there.
I would buy online but it's hard to buy speaker before listening.

I need some recommendations on centers & speakers overall.
What would be a good match for my avr & how do I determine this?
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