Need a DURABLE Laptop within a budget of Rs 75k ( USD 1200) and fairly good specs.


Sep 24, 2013
After being burnt once a few years back, I want to buy a laptop with good specs and the main keyword being

'durability'. The last laptop I purchased was a HP DV 2000 laptop in 2008 which had the ill-famed GPU Nvidia

8400MGS. The laptop ran fine for 1 year 3 months ( thats the sad part)and then died. First the laptop totally

hanged and then there were random colour stripes on the screen and then finally no signal on the screen.HP

suggested a Rs 20k charge to change the MOBO but I refused.If only I had googled about it then I would have stayed

away from it. Anyway I will again be buying a laptop with fairly high budget of Rs 75k ( approx USD 1200). Well I

know that durabilty cannot be guaranteed and even an APPLE may fail within 10 days of purchase or 10 days of

warranty expiry. I have done my part of the reserach and found that ASUS and LENOVO are the favourites as far as

specs,durability value for money is concerned.DELL , HP , ACER, Toshiba are alos there.
Since I have put my budget at Rs 75 k , so probably I am looking for an Intel i7, with 8gb RAM,GPU 2GB maybe GDDR5.
I have no problem with any type of screen -HD , FULL HD , Touch etc.Audio should be very high quality.I need to get an honest opinion from you all and

want to know about how long you all have your laptops and and a fairly good judgement of the built quality / parts

quality , any known hardware issues that needs to be known and stayed away. etc.

Tabris DarkPeace

Jul 3, 2013
The HP laptops that do not have plastic exteriors are manufactured to the same or higher durability standard as people have come to expect from the formerly IBM, now Lenovo, ThinkPad line (which is plastic exterior).

The GeForce 8000M series problem was caused by NVIDIA cutting corners, they knew within 5 years that over 70% of the parts would fail, and I think they breached contracts when they did it.

Frankly I'd suggest the HP ENVY line, and similar lines from HP (not the plastic ones) hands down, as well as LENOVO (the durable ones), but I couldn't say the sam e for Asus.

Dell and Acer also have hit and miss lines for laptops when it comes to DURABILITY, the most important factor if you want a laptop to last more than three years.