Need a laptop for college? (Under $1300)


Jan 1, 2013
Hey guys,

Im in need of a laptop for college next semester. I have been looking at many laptops and I narrowed it down to two choices. The pros and cons that matter to me are also listed

Asus n550jv-db72t
-High specs for a half the cost of macbook pro 15
-Back-lit keyboard
-Windows 8 (I have yet to use windows 8, but I have not heard many good things about it)
-Slightly heavy (nearly six pounds)

Macbook Pro 13
-Light and portable
-OS X (i have used this OS and i prefer it over windows 7 in my college's computer lab)
-back-lit keyboard
-Processor (Only dual core for the 13 inch, might not be powerful enough to last me the next three years)
-Screen might be too small for me (I would prefer 15 inch screen)

I was considering the macbook pro 15 or the 2013 dell xps 15, but both were way over my budget. I was also considering the razer blade, but the screen resolution was not inpressive.

What do guys suggest? Which one should I buy, or should I save up for the more expensive options? Or would you suggest a completely different laptop?
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