Question Need a laptop recommendation

Apr 25, 2020
I am looking for a laptop that fits my needs as a writer and light gamer. I am looking for something with an excellent keyboard and good pen input. It would also be great if it were strong enough to run minecraft and maybe overwatch. Not a requirement though. Any suggested models?
Apr 27, 2020
Is minecraft modded or vanilla? It's hella different. If nothing changed for last few years(didnt play last versions of minecraft for like 5 years, but played modded 1.70), minecraft uses single-threaded process, that means CPU doesnt need to have that many cores in it(2 is enough), but the ram has to differ between 4 to 8 gb(if you want multiple things running, lean to 8GB).
I am not familiar with overwatch system requirements, but i guess its heavier than minecraft on the GPU, so if it's an issue you can check the requirements yourself.

I cant decide for you but i can offer some questions you should consider asking yourself when choosing: you need a laptop with a battery that lasts for long time unplugged from the tap?(if you want to play games with it unplugged, you need strong battery or even couple of them precharged) you want a balance of power comsumption and performance or you're fine if performance is better at a price of poor battery lifetime and laptop being warm?
3.check where laptop ports are and if you are ok with their place in the casing(usb and other ones) you want your laptop hardware to be supported(bios, drivers)? or you dont mind not updating your windows and other software
5.are you ok with price/quality ratio? are you overpaying for the brand? what are the alternatives? much time you have to decide?
7.what can you do to specify your needs more?(if you want to get a quality answer)
8.where the grid that lets the air in and out is located in the laptop casing? is it comfortable to use? (these parts need free access to air and dont have to be blocked or laptop will have problems cooling)
[Sorry for the questions being in kind of random order]

And a question from me: what is a pen input? You mean touchpad?(i guess no, but i asked anyway) Or the laptop has to have touchscreen display? Or does it have to be compatible with external drawing device?
Apr 25, 2020
Thanks for the response sirbebop. I am playing it unmodded for now, and a glance at Overwatch's system requirements reveals that it suggests 4 threads, 6 gigs of ram, and a dedicated gpu.

As for pen input I am talking about wanting to have a device that supports using a stylus on the screen that is good enough to do some decent doodling and writing. I would prefer a pen that requires an active digitizer (similar to wacom) rather than a pen that just simulates a finger on the screen.

  1. Battery life isn't hugely important, but the more the better.
  2. I would lean towards performance over power consumption.
  3. This would depend on the model. I'm a right handed mouse user, so no important ports on that side would be good.
  4. Don't much care about this.
  5. I'm less about the brand, though I do prefer it to run windows os unless there is a really compelling reason to change. Build quality and components are what matter to me.
  6. Not much, my old laptop gave out and I am looking for a new ideal daily driver ASAP.
  7. I'd like it to be under 5 pounds and under $3000. That's probably the only other requirements.
  8. As long as it isn't blowing onto my hands or in my face it is fine. Having a keyboard that doesn't get painfully hot to the touch would be good.
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