Need a new HDD for laptop, what should I do>


Aug 24, 2016
My ASUS HDD is failing (never buying ASUS again but thats another story). I was looking at SSD drives for the speed, but of course regular HDD's are so cheap. Right now I have a 5400RPM WD in my laptop. 99% of the time my laptop is home and isnt really moved, so the battery life isnt a huge deal to me.

I know you should back up SSD drives, so I was thinking about the option of a SSD and get an external drive to back up on, but I dont have usb 3, so Im not sure how long it would even take to back up a 250GB+ drive through usb. I wouldnt want to have to back up my SSD every week for hours upon end.

Would it be better to just buy the HDD and be done with it, or buy a SSD and a external drive for backup?
Buying a SSD and having a HDD as an external drive fro backups seems the best choice to me. Specially since the prices of SSDs have fallen compared to last couple of years.That way,you get to have the best of both worlds. A fast drive for OS and some important apps and a big HDD for other things like photos,vids,music etc.