need a New laptop that plays game's wells


Aug 30, 2013
hello i need a new laptop as mine is 4 years and literately will brake soon ( you can really tell) so i want to start gaming and i need a decent one that will mine craft and a lot of other games so i found one that im interested in but will it play games well? thanks
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just in case the link doesn't work the info below

Acer E1C17 15.6 Inch 500GB 6GB Laptop

Product description / spec

CPU, Memory and Operating System:

Intel Core i7 quad core 3632QM processor.
2.2GHz processor speed.
500GB hard drive.
Microsoft Windows 8.

Display features:

15.6 inch screen.
High definition display.
DVD+RW/DVD-RW (read/write).


Shared graphics card.
Intel HD Graphics 4000 .

Interfaces and connectivity:

Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick (MS), Memory Stick Pro (MS-Pro), Multi-Media Card (MMC) compatible.
3 USB 2.0 ports.
1 Ethernet port.
1 HDMI port.
Wi-Fi enabled.

Multimedia features:

HD webcam.
Built-in mic.

General features:

Up to 4.5 hours battery life.
Size H3.32, W38.1, D25.3cm.
Weight 2.45kg.
EAN/MPN/UPC/ISBN: 4712196861247.

While Intel has made great strides in improving graphics performance with the HD Graphics generation compared to the old GMA generation, the graphics performance is still considered low compared to a dedicated graphics card.

The laptop you selected has an Intel Ivy Bridge generation CPU which comes with the Intel HD 4000. The more recent Haswell generation CPUs have either the HD 4400 or HD 4600 which is naturally more powerful than the older HD 4000. I believe the HD 4600 is about 25% - 30% more powerful than the older HD 4000. Therefore, if you want to rely on integrated graphics in an Intel CPU, you want a Haswell generation CPU.

Intel initially only released the quad core i7 Haswell CPUs, but the dual core i5 Haswell CPUs have recently been introduced so I suppose if you can wait a little while longer you can get a laptop with an i5 Haswell CPU that has the HD 4600 or the slightly less powerful HD 4400.

Minecraft should be playable on an Intel HD 4000 at 1366x768 resolution, I would guess it's playable at 1920x1080. Whether or not the other games you are interested in can be played with the HD 4000 depends on which games. I recommend you keep your expectations low. If you know you want to play games, then it's better to get a laptop with a dedicated graphics card. For 1366x768 resolution a GT 730m or Radeon HD 7730m. For a 1920x1080 resolution screen I would say most people should consider at least a GT 750m or Radeon HD 8850m for medium quality graphics in graphics demanding game.