Solved! Need advice for Point and Shoot Digital Camera

Apr 11, 2019
I am not really a technical person when it comes to all the camera terminology. I'm just looking to find a good point and shoot. I would use it for taking just normal pictures of family, trips, etc. But the biggest use I will get out of it is trying to get action shots for ice skating (moving around fast, spins, jumps, etc). Pictures would mostly be taken from the distance of sitting in the bleachers like you would find at a community center or high school rather than a huge, professional sized venue. Pictures would be taken from the side of the rink sometimes as well. Typically the rink is well lit, but sometimes pictures would be taken in a darker environment, like in the dark with just spotlights on at ice shows (although much more often with bright lighting). My iphone camera is not getting the job done. Pictures often turn out blurry, even with burst mode. Looking for a more budget minded camera and staying well under $500 (and under $300 would be ideal, but I can go up a bit if it's really worth it). Thanks.