Solved! Point and Shoot Camera


Jul 7, 2015
Hello all,

I am looking to buy a digital camera for our company. The camera will be shared by employees to take interior & exterior property pictures as well as videos. With everyone having a different level in taking pictures and knowledge I need to find something that the worst person can use and take amazing pictures. By that I mean, clear, light detailed pictures that can look as near professional as possible (I know this is not possible) but as close as it can get.

Ideally, with interior pictures, we need 16:9 mode, wide angle, very good automatic sensor to take the best picture in light and in any condition whether the room is dark, or with a sunny window background making the room look dark on a standard camera for example.

I was thinking of a Point and Shoot camera with a DSLR chip inside it maybe.

Budget - no more than 500€ all in.

If anyone has experience in this, any recommendations would be extremely helpful.

Thank you