Need Advice - Which Tablet to Buy?


Sep 25, 2014
I am looking for a replacement for my old Acer Aspire One netbook. As much as I love the thing, it's almost 7 years now and I need something to replace it that's stronger. I've been looking at some Android tablets as a replacement, however there are so many devices to choose from. I want a device that is stronger, and do the tasks that I need of it. Mainly:

- great cpu/gpu for the price
- 7-8" screen size
- decent frontal camera (I make a lot of skype calls and want good quality)
- expandable memory slot preferable, but not required
- note taking. I would also like to purchase a keyboard extension for this device to use, [urlExt=]something like this[/urlExt] That way I could use the tablet similarly to a netbook. As an aside, which keyboards are the best?
- good video streaming quality
- good enough graphics for gaming

As an additional plus, I use matlab and circuit simulation programs a lot. Is there a way to get those programs, or something similar, on Android? Is it also possible to put a different OS onto the tablet?

My budget is ~$200. Of course I would like to pay less if I can, but I'm looking for a tablet that is great enough to last me for a few years, ideally for as long as my Acer did. So far, I've been looking at these devices:

- Samsung Galaxy Note 8
- Google Nexus 7
- Asus MeMo pad 7
- Kindle Fire HD

Thoughts? Any other devices I missed?

(Sorry if this is in the wrong spot in the forum. This is my first post on this site)


Oct 17, 2014
In term of my user experience, I think Kindle Fire is well. But it is more fit for reading. So you should make a wise choice depending on your using plan.
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