Need Help Connecting Right Channel Speaker into Receiver


Dec 19, 2014
I recently bought the Onkyo TX-8270 to pair with my Klipsch R15-PM's. After hooking up the speakers to the receiver, only the left channel plays the audio. I've troubleshooted using different sources and speaker wire,switching the speaker from left to right on the receiver, nothing. The right channel is the only active speaker so the passiveness of the left and the fact that it works leads me to believe that it has something to do with the right being powered. I tried connecting an RCA to my receiver's Pre Out but that didn't do anything. How would I go about giving sound to the right channel?


Well running a high end receiver with high end powered speakers honestly makes very very little sense at all.

Your way to connect them is to run the zone 2 line outs on the onkyo to the analog inputs on the right klipsch speaker with a twin rca cable.
The set the reciever to zone 2 & use the speakers built in amps as you would with any other portable audio source.

This totally negates the onkyo amplification wise which kind of makes it a huge waste of money/resources apart from the network connectivity.
The "preouts" on your receiver are subouts. If they were preouts that would work for powered speakers.
If you use zone 2 as suggested you have to select the input for zone 2 not the main zone.
If you get a speaker to line level converter that will turn the speaker outs to preamp outs.
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