Question Sound problem with turntable.

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Dec 16, 2020
I have an audio technica AT-LP5X record player attached by seperate rca cables to my Onkyo TX-RZ740 via the phono input.

I have selected mmc and phono on the rear of the player. I have music coming out of here left speaker but none coming out of the right. I have switched the cables (right to left) on the receiver and I have no sound out of left and very quiet music out of right.

I've tried putting the rca's into the cd in and switching the turntable to line out but get no sound at all. Switching to phono again gives me some very quiet sound out of both speakers.

I've since bought new rca cables and tried those with no luck. I've also changed the cartridge.

Any ideas what to check next?


Also, I have no problem with sound coming through all my speakers when switched to a different input. Ie tv, xbox etc.

OK. I think I've found the problem.
I have no resistance measured on the cartridge that came with the player on the green and red wires. I guess that means a new cartridge. Would it be a good idea to upgrade the cartridge now? Any recommendations?
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