Need Help on getting a laptop Within £300 to £350

Willem Kimberley

Apr 13, 2014
Hi all, so basically my budget is £300 to £350 (gbp), and I need a laptop for college, I know there are plenty of laptops out there that can run microsoft office fine, but I'd also like the laptop to be able to run some games on the side, nothing special, but be able to play something like CSGO, at a playable framerate. By virtue of this I also plan to use heavy video editing software which can be intensive. If anyone can recommend me a laptop with a decent size screen (nothing smaller than 14" preferably) within my budget, i will be really greatful.

TIA :)
For the low price you are not going to have a laptop that is designed for intense use like video editing. I would look at amd apus as they have better gpus at this low price range,