need help picking a used notebook

Oct 26, 2018
Hi can anyone help me. Im looking at two different notebooks. HP 17-e040us | Intel 2.40GHz | 6GB | 750GB | Win 10 | Wifi | HDMI. - Vs- DELL 5755 | AMD 2.20GHz | 8GB | 1TB | Win 10 | Wifi | Touchscreen | HD. Obviously the dell has more ram and bigger HDD and touch screen but im more concerend about cpu and gpu. Thanks!


HP has a bit better CPU if it has the 4th gen i3, the onboard video in the Dell (which I am guessing is the AMD A8 CPU), may be a bit better than the i3. Neither of them is much faster than the other in either case.


Based on what you have provided, I assume you are looking at 17.3" laptops. The HP has an i3-4000m and Intel HD 4600 graphics core. The Dell with an A8-7410 and [strike]Radeon R5 (Bristol Ridge)[/strike] Radeon R5 (Beema / Carrizo-L) graphics core.
Neither are particularly good for playing game. Click the TinyURL link below that will take you to some game benchmark comparisons between the two graphic cores at One to thing to be aware of is both integrated graphics core are used in different model AMD APUs and Intel CPUs. For example, Notebookcheck typically benchmarks integrated graphics with Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs. They only tested AMD APU with the Radeon R5 (Bristol Ridge) graphics core; the AMD PRO A8-9600B which is a bit more powerful than the A8-7410. That basically means both of those laptops may have lower game performance compared to the benchmarks.[/strike]

The Radeon R5 (Beema / Carrizo-L) graphics core is less powerful than the Intel HD 4600. In fact, it is less powerful than the Intel HD 4000 in the older 3rd generation Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 CPUs. This basically means the Core i3-4000m has better CPU and graphics performance.


Looking at ebay the HP laptop is not listed, however, it seems the Dell 5755 is selling for about $350 with the "Buy Now" option. Based on that I recommend you consider the following used 17.3" HP laptop with a current 8th generation Core i3-8130u CPU and Intel UHD 620 graphics core for $350. The seller has a very high feedback score of over 46k and an overall 98% positive feedback.

Click following TinyURL link for some gamebenchmark results from for the Radeon R5 (Beema / Carrizo-L), Intel HD 4600 and Intel UHD 620. Note that benchmarks for the Intel graphics are usually done with laptops that have Core i5 or i7 CPUs, which means benchmark results with Core i3 CPUs could be lower.


Jan 19, 2012
I'm assuming the dell has the a8 7410 processor - it should be noted that it is quad core whereas the others are dual. For my purposes, quad core wins out but the OP has not mentioned the use of the laptop so ... it's hard to say.


The A8-7410 is a very weak quad core APU. Single thread processing is much lower than Intel CPUs and at best an A8-7410 APU performance is approximately equal to a 4th or 5th generation Intel dual core i3 CPU only if all 4 cores in the A8-7410 are being used. The 8th gen Core i3-8130u is naturally more powerful than the 4th or 5th gen Core i3.

See link below for CPU benchmark comparison. Note that you need to pay attention to the notes and simply not gloss over them because in some benchmarks the higher the number is better, whereas in other benchmarks lower numbers are better. I would not even bother considering a laptop with an AMD APU unless it is a Rzyen APU.
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