Aug 22, 2017
Hello, Tom's guide experts!

I bought a Pavilion with i5-4210u CPU and 8GB of RAM (screenshot linked) around 2 years ago. This laptop is running windows 10 now and I use it for my university purposes. I am an IT student and already have built a PC at home for using the high-end IT and designing software(s) (including virtual machines and Adobe CC) and for tweaking purposes.

The moment when I started using the laptop, it seemed a bit buggy, also it was demanding an update to windows 10. So, I upgraded it to windows 10 internally (provider). That was the time the lag started appearing. It started lagging a lot since then.

To cope up with this error, I already have tried a clean windows 10 upgrade with a brand new CD. Also, I have successfully downgraded it to windows 7 and 8 to see if the error persisted after upgrading, but no luck! I chose to remove all the files from the laptop while downgrading/upgrading too. Also, it has only one active partition (other partition only contains the iso file for win8 which I created after trying my best to make this laptop faster).

Being in IT, I always keep track of startup apps and disk cleanup. I also have defragged my disk but the problem still persists. The laptop is still so slow that it can barely run any app that I start when the PC boots,

The PC is slow while startup, and while executing the first app after startup, but the problem comes sometimes in between the active session as well.

I can barely use my PC at the university. I chose to use remote desktop to my PC at home with this PC, but it seems that remote desktop is also heavier for this laptop to run.

Please help!

Link to screenshot: