Need new speakers for house parties (20-30ppl) and home use, "Microlab Solo9C" ?


Sep 30, 2014
I Would like to buy myself a new pair on speakers, mainly for house parties (20-30 people) and home use. Since I just started out DJ-ing. My DJ controller ( Pioneer DDJ-SB) has only RCA output. Since most of the active(powered)speakers are using only the XLR and 6.3“ outputs, it would be a hassle to connect it with the RCA cable. Due to the unbalanced line, I would lose sound quality. So I would have to buy a converter/mixer. It would get too expensive.

So.. I found these speakers “ Microlab Solo9C“, which already have amp built-in. Also RCA outputs.

What do you think?

P.S Please don’t recommend any other soundproducts with links, I am living in Estonia and the variety of products that you can buy, is not that big in here!
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