Need solution for blown tv speaker that allows for good music listening

Nov 16, 2018
I blew out the speakers on my old philips flatscreen tv, about 12 yrs old, listening to loud music recently.
It’s in my bedroom where I don’t have any speakers to Bluetooth my Utube or Spotify playlists on. Which is why I used my poor tv as a stereo system in the first place.

So my question is what is the best solution if I want to both watch tv without the internal speakers blaring and stream my music on loudly with good range and bass?
I hope you can give me some ideas that fit within my budget, from cheap... ideally, up to $400
Nov 16, 2018
I was looking at that one, the Yamaha YAS- 207 BL, as well as the Samsung HW-MS650/ZA.
What are your thoughts on how those two compare?
If for an additional $100 I get superior sound for my music I’d be happy to pay it.

Also, do I have to worry about compatibility with my old Philips flat screen tv in terms of hooking up the sound bars?
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