Harman Kardon AV 325 to not very good tv

Nov 18, 2018
Good day, i was fortunate enough to meet a disgruntled wife looking to make some changes I can only assume. Harman Kardon AVR 325, Harman Kardon AVR 320, pinnacle AC sub 100, MTX audio SW1010, 3 MTX multi purpose speakers, Samsung blu ray DVD re write ATC digital tuner, power Max 4300, and countless gold plated cords, speaker wires..wires I have never seen, etc. Bags of gold plated HDMIs, audio, video, etc. etc.
So, for 50 dollars I bring it all home. I do have a smart tv, but it sucks pretty much. It has an orange audio input, no optical. The RCA ( red white) get me nothing..my only option I've gotten anything from is from a 3.5 aux input on the tv..
Firstly I would be extremely grateful at how I would properly hook this components up to each other..not the DVD player, but a receiver, the subs and speakers. I have some older BOSE bookshelf speakers, a vintage Kenwood 160 sub amp as well.as bigger non matching speakers..hell, i even have an ADC SOUNDSHAPER 300 equalizer, old school dj type deal..thats seperate ( can't figure that out either, but much closer)
Im very new to this, read and value all of the information I soak up from you guys, and would really appreciate some instruction/ direction to hook up a HK rec., subs, speakers. to my tv..oooh...also, i do use my x box one a lot, and my direct tv satellite receiver...both of which have optical inputs. I had never tried that actually. Is that workable at least? Has to be better than the 3.5 aux mm input on side of my Philips tv.
Thank you on advance.
The manual will tell you how to connect the speakers and set up the receiver for them. You only need one AVR so I assume the AVR325 is a higher model than the AVR320.
If the TV has a coax digital RCA audio output then you would connect that to the receiver to get audio from all the sources that connect directly to the TV. The TV manual will also tell you how to assign coax 1 or 2 to an input name.
If you have to get your audio directly from the sources then use the digital inputs on the receiver (2 coax, 2 optical). Use the analog out of the TV for smart apps.
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