Need some help on deciding. 900 budget.


May 22, 2010
with christmas past us now, i was given a laptop and it was the dell xps 14. its a nice laptop for the 850 range. but what im wondering is i was looking at a few other laptops that have me scratching my head and wondering what ones are better.

first is the one that was given to me

its a nice 14inch with a 1600x900 resolution. a 630m graphics card. but it has no dvd/cd drive.

one that i was looking at this one is 50 bux more, has the 660m, but at a lower resolution of 1366 x 768.

this one has a bigger screen but weighs much more than others. dell 17.3" with a 650m gpu

im only able to get the laptop from best buy. so please no newegg, amazon, or other website recommendations. if there are any other laptops that are near the 900dollar range, ill be glad to take it into consideration.


Jul 5, 2012
I'd go with the Lenovo laptop. The GTX 660M outperforms the other laptops. The Dell that you have just isn't worth the money. It has a low wattage CPU, which isn't that great, and the Intel HD 4000 integrated GPU, so don't expect to do any hardcore gaming on it. The Lenovo laptop is lighter than the Dell by a lot, but the screen size is smaller. Although it has 6 GB of RAM and a 750 GB HDD, you don't need the Dell's 1TB HDD and the 8 GB of RAM. Overall I think the Lenovo is the best bang for your buck.