Need to buy a new laptop, any advice?

Aug 24, 2018
5 years ago I bought a very expensive (for my pokets) laptop: a Dell's Inspirion 15 7559 but 8 months ago it started giving me problems, till the day that I couldn't even switch it on. Now I've been living without a computer for 6 months and I really need one, not just for leisure activities (gaming and graphic works like Photoshop) but also and especially for job (so, let's just say that my basic necessities are embracing especially the possession of the office pack). Now, I don't have enough money to buy a similar model... my budget right now is of 600 euros. Can you suggest me the best laptop, with the old one's similar features, at this price?
I'm living in Italy (I don't know if it makes some differences).

PS. this are the features of my old laptop:

Thank you in advance you guys

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