Need to uninstall NZXT CAM software

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May 2, 2017
I had installed Nzxt CAM software, now i want to uninstall due lack of storage. But when i uninstall Nzxt cam software my csgo game freezes a lot and when i reinstall Nzxt cam then cago works fine. No other games are affected only csgo.
I seems like csgo needs Nzxt cam to rum but i simply don't want Nzxt cam so please help ...
And thnx in advance.
Long shot:

"WIN" + I" > Gaming > Gamebar

May be that Nzxt CAM may have made some change for its own needs. E.g. "TruePlay".

Otherwise, Nzxt CAM's uninstall process may be overly aggressive and removing something that cago needs.

Uninstall Nzxt CMA as you have done but then reinstall cago before trying to play again.
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