New Asus X550VX freezing during games

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Mar 5, 2017
Hello dear person who is reading this,

I've tried fixing my issue for about 3 weeks now with no success, and am desperate to find a solution so that is where this wonderful forum and community could maybe step in and help this newbie-techie with his problem. (Trust me, I know there are similar posts and similar problems that people have expressed, but nothing works for me). I decided it was time to make a post of my own.

Starting off with the issue I'm facing. It only happens while playing demanding games, most of the time during Rust. My laptop just freezes, but not instantly, rather in 2-3 seconds gradually, and when it remains frozen on one frame the sound also starts looping for that exact moment. Everything stops working - mouse, keyboard, lights stop responding, all that is left to do is hard reset the laptop. The fan kicks in during the freeze as well. I've tried waiting for it to pass once to no success.

Once or twice I was able to escape what it seems to be a death loop by playing the game in windowed mode and closing it at first signs of the fps drops. Other times I was not so fortunate.

My laptop is Asus X550VX, bought in 2017 and assembled in 2016 if I recall correctly, intel core i-7 6700HQ @ 2.6 GHz, Nvidia Geforce gtx 950m graphics card, 12gb of ram of which 8gb is DDR4 from crucial and 4gb internal, 250gb Samsung Evo SSD. I haven't opened my laptop yet as to not void the warranty, but I want to make sure it's a hardware issue before RMA'ing.

Now on to the things I've tried doing:
Uninstalling graphics drivers and reinstalling them;
Running memtest86 for 4 passes with 0 errors;
Running intel burner test to determine if my CPU is healthy.
Running Furmark for an hour on max settings available, GPU holds 70-75C°;
Running memory diagnostics from windows with no errors;
Monitoring my CPU and GPU temps while gaming, which are on average around 35C° away from TJUNCTION according to coreTemp;
Reinstalling windows 10;
Setting my max CPU usage to 99% in the power plans;
Running a malware scan using malwarebytes antimalware;
Using ccleaner to clean registry;
Monitoring my ram usage to see if memory leaks happen while gaming;

The problem persisted even after replacing the HDD which the laptop came with to the SSD.

Also, in the event monitor of windows no errors or warnings happen before the crash.

Im running out of forums on the internet to browse through for this problem of laptop freezing, and yet still my issue persists.

Maybe someone can suggest further courses of action? Something I've missed or overlooked?

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.


Mar 24, 2017

I had the very same issue. I did an investigation and found out the problem is CPU overheating. It caused lag spikes and mini freeze while gaming or doing heavy CPU tasks. And when CPU is too hot, system freezes. I made my bet (my laptop is new and still under warranty) and replaced ASUS thermal paste with higher quality one (Artictic MX-2). And boom, CPU is much cooler, tested with prime95 and the temperature never got over 65 degrees C (before it went to 95 degrees C!!!). No more lag spikes or freezes. Hope it helps.


Apr 5, 2017

Can you possibly give us a small demonstration with photos or so of how you did it?


Jun 19, 2017

I've tried many things and it didn't work. But yesterday, I went to Power Options > Edit Plan Settings > Change advanced power settings > Intel Graphics Settings and switched both to Maximum Battery Life. My laptop haven't frozen ever since. Just try this out guys.
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