new build, reboot and select proper device error


Sep 1, 2016
hi, i just built a new pc and have been trying to install windows 10 on it through a usb stick. everytime i get past the bios i get an error saying reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected device and press a key. i have tried every boot option between my ssd, usb, and some other option named UEFI usb partition. however not of them worked. the windows file is a .ISO type Disc Image File. I have even tried to install ubuntu to no success. please help.

fyi i have a samsung ssd attached to a gigabyte z170 hd3 motherboard
An iso file is not bootable ina and of itself. You need to make the medium that you put the iso file on bootable.
You can use the windows usb/dvd creator utility or something like the free Rufus tool.

The windows utility has worked flawlessly for me from 8 to 10, it will give you the option to direct it to your ISO file or it can download it from MS.