Solved! New build, VGA error light is on, blank screen , no bios and my fans all working

Oct 1, 2018
Hi, I have a new build, when I power on my PC, the fans work the rgb lights is on my mobo works but on mobo the VGA error light come on and my monitor has no display and no bios. I know my monitor works because I use it as secondary monitor with old laptop. I have connected to the HDMI port for use to use onboard mobo video card with new build.i have no gpu graphics card installed. Mobo rgb lights and cpu fan works, why I m getting no display and no bios.please help.thanks

Ryzen 2600
Gigabyte x470 ultra x gaming mobo
Ddr 4 gskill 3000mhz
Samsung evo 250 ssd
500walts evga power supply