New Dell XPS 13: how choose between 8GB and 16GB RAM model?

May 19, 2019

Where I live the new Dell XPS 13 9380 (2019) is available with 8GB (with i5-8265u) or 16GB RAM (with i7-8565u). How do I choose between those, like when does 16GB really give you a benifit? Anybody experienced this in practice?

For example, will you see benifit in Chrome which uses alot of memory? I usually have 30 tabs open (3 instances with each 10 tabs) so will 16GB memory make a difference there?

Also, for video editing of 1080p videos, so not 4K, will 16GB be much faster than 8GB? I use Videopad for editing and sometimes with my older XPS 13 with i7-6600U and 8GB RAM it feel it's a bit sluggish. Or is the Intel HD 520 GPU the bottleneck? New XPS comes with Intel HD 620 so rather similar I suppose. What makes the most difference for video editing 1080p files?

Anything else with which you will see the benifit of 16GB of RAM over just 8GB?

Concerning i5-8265u and i7-8565u, are these equally good in real life or when will you see an advantage with i7 over i5?

Thanks in advance for all good feedback!