New earbuds, audio from only right side on PC


Feb 27, 2012
Just bought some new earbuds to replace my old ones and only the right side works on my PC FRONT port. If I plug into the motherboard directly, I get audio from both sides. Is there a way to fix this? It is strange because my earbuds that I am replacing worked only on the left side, and I would get audio from the left side when connected to the front audio port. Thanks! Oh and its only this new pair, I tried a 2 dollar pair that I had from a while back and I get audio from both sides using the front port =/

EDIT: Ok I made a small discovery. Going into my realtek hd audio manager, I tried playing audio from each side. The left side of my earbuds doesn't play anything, however the sound that it should be playing, is playing in my right side. So when I go into Windows and configure the headphones, I hear both sides of that small tune in my right side. I know this because it plays left first, then right. I am even more confused now.
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