New Laptop Freezing


Oct 10, 2013
I bought a laptop for school and it came with windows 8. The laptop I bought is Acer® Aspire (V5-552G-8409). I installed windows 7 home premium on it and installed all the required drivers from Acer's website. I use the laptop in school and at home for my homework. The laptop keeps freezing when I use it at home after about 30-45 mins. I think it may be because it is overheating but I am not sure. Should I buy a cooling pad for it? The freezing only happens at home when I'm using in on my lap but not in class when it is on a desk.
Was it working fine with Windows 8?

If so, my advice is to reinstall Windows 8 using the hidden Image which you should still have unless you swapped drives.

As for the interface, you can just get START8 from Stardock for $5. Problem solved. W8 is almost EXACTLY like W7 once it's installed (can bypass boot screen, new interface and Charms in Desktop).

Your issue might be hardware related but my above advice stands, also if there is an issue AND your Warranty still applies you probably want W8 back on it or you may have problems returning it.