New Laptop won't play video through receiver to t.v.


Jul 25, 2016
I have a new ASUS F555 laptop to replace my old HP Pavilion DV6. Currently I use the DV6 to watch videos/shows via HDMI connected to a Denon receiver then to my t.v. It's always worked like a charm, however when I simply replace the DV6 with the new ASUS, the t.v says "No signal". I changed none of the settings for the Denon or T.V and I tried the cloning routine for the extended monitor, but nothing. In the monitor settings for the ASUS, it recognizes that it's connected to a digital t.v, but the name of the t.v is the Denon receiver. It seems it wants to display on the receiver rather than go all the way through to the t.v monitor? Any suggestions?


Oct 30, 2015
are you able to connect the asus directly to the tv and get it to work? Odds are you need to disconnect "stuff" on the hdmi path (with power off). Then, reconnect with power off, then follow the power up sequence as follows; "sink" (ie. tv), then receiver, the source (laptop). If unsuccessful, try some other power up sequences but usually for hdmi, starting at the sink and moving to the source works.
One other question is what resolution have you set on your asus? You likely need to have it set specifically to an "hdmi like" res... 720p / 1080p.
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