Question New smart apartment, here we go again


Dec 5, 2016

I am soon moving permanently to Japan, new life and new apartment (rent). I have sold all my smart stuff (mainly Tp-link Kasa and Philips Hue.

I am a Google person therefore, I'll certainly get at least a couple of nest mini. In the new apartment, I would like to have reliable smart lights working together with smart switches (both wired and wireless) so that my wife doesn't kill me ^_^ Also, I would like to use motion sensors in some areas as well as controlling my air conditioners (for this one I was thinking to use switch bot).

Would you have any suggestion? I am failing to find a brand or combination of brands that can cover all of this reliably except for Philips Hue. As I think their gadgets are really too expensive I would be happy to switch to something else. Unfortunately, not everything is available in Japan so I need to think about this point too.

Thank you very much for your time.
Stay safe
Feb 15, 2021
Hi There! I will use also Hue for some of the lights but also smart switches. I already made a list of possible options: