New tv tuners confusing me


Mar 24, 2009
i am buying a new computer. i have a samsung 32" flat screen tv. i want to set up my new computer with tv tuner, record to my hard driive, be able to save on dvd. do i have to have basic cable, or pay for premium channnels like hbo & sports channels as well as regular channels with all the new tv tuners? or is there another board or antenna which replaces cable tv?
i also want to edit my video's from my digital camcorder which uses an svhs plug. are there editing programs that outout really good video to dvd with alot of features(such as video speed, dissolves, character generator, strobe etc?)
Sorry, but you still need a cable tv subscription in order to watch cable tv. TV Tuner cards can come with multiple tuners. Most common are NTSC (old and out-going analog broadcast signals, ATSC (new digital broadcast signals), and ClearQAM (cable tv signals broadcast without encryption). In order to view/record encrypted cable tv signals, you will need a cable set-top box to do the decryption.

-Wolf sends