Nexus 9 wifi connection failing with printer switched on


Apr 7, 2016
My Android NEXUS 9 is at issue 6.0.1, patched to March 2016. When browsing with Chrome, the connection to Wifi drops out and reconnects every few seconds. If I look at the wifi list of services, I can see my connection flipping between the service I want and my HP wireless laser printer. If I switch off the printer all the problems disappear :). To avoid the problem I have switched my tablet to 5Ghz operation, as the printer only uses 2.4 GHz. What is the real way to fix this????
Have you tried restarting in safe mode, while the printer is actually on, and seeing if this still occurs? If it doesn't, it may well be an app on your device that is causing the problem. You would then have to determine which app it is.

It would, obviously, be one that can't run when you are in safe mode, but depending on how many apps you have installed on the device, it may take a while to figure out which one it is.

You should also check to see if your chrome is full updated. If this is a known issue, there may be a new update for it. Also, a temporary fix may be to rollback to a prior version of chrome until the issue is fixed.

This would be the first things I would check. However, if one of these doesn't fix the problem, you may want to consider keeping the wifi for the printer off when not actually in use.

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