Solved! No display from GPU

Jan 19, 2019
Hi, I recently build my first pc and the first problem that I encountered was that there was no display input when the GPU was plugged in. As soon as I would disconnect the GPU everything will work fine, the pc booted to bios and then windows.

Pc specs :
Asrock 880GMH/U3S3 motherboard
AMD FX-8350
Rx 470 4GB
12 GB DDR3
Thermaltake 500W PSU

I tried different cables on different ports, if I connect the HDMI cable from the motherboard to the monitor (a TV to be precise) it works but the GPU doesn't send any signal. The GPU fans are working and I checked the power cable 100 times.

I called the guy who sold me the GPU and said the GPU is on working condition and the reason for it to not work is because the motherboard is too old and the GPU needs PCIE 3.0 and my motherboard only has 2.0 but I read that it isn't such a big deal and PCIE slots are backwards compatible. I also tried reseting the bios, updating the bios and no results...

Any suggestions?