No mobile network connection and More


Feb 6, 2018
N920VVRU3CQL4 Samsung Note 5
Hi i have Samsung note 5 N920VVRU3CQL4 verizon changed to straittalk they said my phone compatible. Since I changed I have very slow if any internet the wifi icon as 1 dot and a ! Next to it . If I send a text message it goes to "pending status " i figured out the only way to get text sent us to dial any phone number! Then text is sent. I cant be on the phone and the internet at the same time (i could at verizon) also sometimes when sending text ..i get a message that says "No mobile network" .. My APN is greyed out. I think trying your APN is a good idea what do you think ? I should not have to dial my phone to any random phone number for the messages to get sent. I also read where the upgrade for the nougat has all these errors and that's why this is happening. But when I was on Verizon I didn't have all this problem I just used a ton of data and I can't afford Verizon and the update was either in January or December so I think it might be straight talk who doesn't know how to set up my phone on there Network. Thank you in advance any help would be greatly appreciated
If you are having issues with Straight Talk, contact their support or check in a WalMark kiosk. Yes you will not see these issues with Verizon, there is a reason they cost what they do, and your phone was made for their network.