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  1. S

    Solved! Can't turn on Wi-Fi

    Hello, so I own Alienware 14 and I have dual-boot, windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04. I noticed that I could not turn off airplane mode on windows 10 and could not connect to Wi-Fi(and I searched and tried many suggestions from different forums but still no use) . I thought that was an issue of...
  2. M

    Network connection Samsung phone not responding thank you

    My phone Samsung network connection not responding I can't receive my N messages on my Facebook. Thank you
  3. J

    Solved! Internet connection windows 10

    I installed windows 10 upgrade it gets to the network connection says cannot connect and theres no way to repair anything Help please
  4. R

    How to Troubleshoot Network Connection Issues on Netflix

    The Netflix application has enabled the people to watch all genres of their favorite movies, shows online. The application also allows the users to create a profile of their own, customize the display settings, maintain the favorites movies in the form of libraries. There can be network...
  5. O

    Mobile data network connection problems

    Am unable to use mobile network except for WiFi
  6. L

    Solved! Inspiron 13 - Slow Network Speeds

    I have a Dell Inspiron 13 - 7368 running Windows 10. Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30 GHz 2.40 GHz / 8.00 GB (7.86 GB Usable) . I have a 100 Mbps x 10 Mbps broadband connection with Spectrum internet. The speeds out of my modem and Netgear Nighthawk router are near or over the 100 Mbps...
  7. J

    with Roku TV: When I try to load DW I get "Please Check you Network Connection!"

    Everything else works fine. When I try to load DW I get "Please Check you Network Connection!" I did, it's fine. I also did a System Restart. Same message trying to use DW TV.
  8. B

    Solved! [Windows 10] Unable to Connect to Network Secured by WEP

    Hi there! I am attempting to connect my laptop and desktop computers (with two different, but relatively up to date versions of windows 10) to the following WiFi network, but am encountering problems described below the image. Both computers behave in the same manner. I select the WiFi icon...
  9. M

    Different connections for networking

    First time poster and I will gladly purchase products recommended to change if you believe they will work better to help support you! We live in an all cement and brick house. The main internet connection comes into my office and via WiFi, tried broadcasting but to no big success. Bought some...
  10. Iver Hicarte

    What is a seedbox?

    I know this isn't the forum to post this thread to but I need to know what exactly is a seedbox. I know some of you might be thinking that I should just search the internet for the answer, but the answers being provided by the internet is so complicated, I can't quite comprehend the things that...
  11. R

    We have our main tv connect to the modem but i forgit hiwbto connect the other tvs to the internet. I have scanned tried the w

    I've scanned done the wps code and all that and still it shows that it's failed the connection but we have our phones and tablets connected
  12. M

    Does Interl(R) 82579V support wireless?

    Hello, I just bought a PC, and seems like I have Intel(R) 82579V gigabit (Version network connection, I am trying to figure out how to connect to wireless but not getting anywhere. I am crap when it comes to computers and 0 knowlegde, so please take it easy, would be thanksful for...
  13. N

    Slow WiFi but only on Laptop, perfect on other devices

    Hello, I bought new WiFi adapter- TP- Link AC 1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C7. Internet speed is going really slow on my HP laptop but fast on other devices like phones other laptops and TV. I check it here: I tried literally everything.. My router...
  14. S

    No mobile network connection and More

    N920VVRU3CQL4 Samsung Note 5 Hi i have Samsung note 5 N920VVRU3CQL4 verizon changed to straittalk they said my phone compatible. Since I changed I have very slow if any internet the wifi icon as 1 dot and a ! Next to it . If I send a text message it goes to "pending status " i figured out the...
  15. M

    How do i get my toshiba laptop out of safe mode and recover wifi with no disc

    Black screen with safe mode in all corners. No internet network connection. No disc
  16. S

    3G cell phone network connection

    How can a weatherstation modem ethernet signal interface with a cell phone 3G network?
  17. C

    How to set up a wirless network connection

    My dad deleted all conceptions and I can't find them
  18. W

    Solved! Can't Not Access Websites after Malware Removal

    So I got infected with a couple malware bugs (ByteFence, .WinYahoo and etc). I was able to run malwarebytes and delete them. However after removal I start having issues with my network connection. I can open google and run searches all day long. But as soon as I try to reach an external site...
  19. J

    Solved! Laptop randomly disconnects from wifi, even on different operating systems

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 17" 5758 running Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 16 (came with windows 8). I got it a few years ago, and for the past year or so I've been experiencing issues where it would randomly disconnect from wifi. On windows 10, I would be using my internet connection, then...
  20. C

    looking for network connection help

    I want to connect to internet but mobile hotspot or wireless connection is missing from my laptop (Acer aspire es1-512). But all I could locate is Bluetooth network connection,and I have tried and tried but but can't connect to internet..pls I need your help..
  21. M

    Netflix streaming quality is too low on my Samsung LED

    My network connection in my Netflix app on my Samsung LED tv is below 0,5mbps and I have a 100mbps connection. I have an Airport extreme for WiFi connection.
  22. C

    MXQ 4K Android Smart TV Box connected to Sony HT-DDWG800 Amplifier

    Sirs or Madams, I understand there is only one single connection to either TV or Amplifier. I wish to connect from MXQ box to Amplifier via a coax cable from the box Sp dif outlet. The question:-- Which port on the amp will I connect the coax. Thanking you in Anticipation, Colonial
  23. P

    Gaming network connection

    When I'm gaming (playing dota 2) my ping is fine but when someone comes home and their phone automatically connects to the Internet, I start getting pings of 250-1000ms for a short period. The router from the front door is quite far but it's centralised for everyone in the house (about 4-5...
  24. L

    how do i remove a network that doesn't show up in the manage networks list?

    My laptop is connecting to the wrong network. The network it is connecting to does not appear in the Manage network connections list. How do I disconnect and get rid of this network connection?
  25. W

    Samsung Smart TV network connection problems (again)

    I have a Samsung UE32ES5500K TV connected to the internet via Ethernet cable to a WiFi repeater. My router is in another room and the TV itself doesn't have WiFi. My internet service provide is Virgin Media. This arrangement has worked well for years, with only minor hiccups. Suddenly, today...
  26. W

    Pc won't recognise that network connection exist.

    My pc windows 10 won't recognise that an ethernet cable is plugged in and dies not recognise that it has a WiFi device. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and then rebooting. When I look under wireless devices it only shows Bluetooth. Both were working fine earlier today...
  27. S

    Chrome not loading pages

    Hello! Everytime I turn my PC on, chrome won't load pages after about 3 minutes for like 1 minute. It will happen the same 6 minutes after the boot up. There is like a 1 one minute window when I cannot access the net and it's really annoying since I use my google account to save my bookmarks...
  28. P

    steam says no wifi but there is

    I am on a mac and i cant get onto steam it says "No Wifi" And i have to play offline
  29. C

    lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370 freezing if moving screen on network connection

    lenovo yoga 3 pro 1370, 10 months old, upgraded to W10, installed new drivers, latest BIOS: since a couple of weeks, if I move the screen on any network connection (ethernet or wifi) it freezes. If I disable the Broadcom Network adapter in the device manager everything is fine and can move my...
  30. C

    Network Connection issue with new Samsung Smart TV

    We have a Network connection issue on our newly purchased Samsung fv. We returned a Vizio tv because we couldn't get a connection to Net Flix. After working with a tech he said to return the tv. We thought we'd try a Samsung since they are a better tv. We are having the same issue! We...
  31. M

    2.4ghz to 5ghz wifi converter

    So I got an nvidia shield recently, and I know i need a 5ghz connection to stream games from my PC when away. The thing is not many hotspots give out a 5ghz connection (usually 2.4ghz) so my question is, Is there something I can carry with me to convert those 2.4ghz signals into dual band 5ghz...
  32. T

    Acer Aspire 5750 Network Connection problem

    I have an Aspire 5750 (not G just the regular model) which has had a lot of problems over it's life. Definitely not buying an acer again! Anyway the current problem I am having is regarding the Network Connection. It will often lose the network completely, this is indicated by a red X over the...
  33. J

    Streaming different video sources to home network

    My home was destroyed by a tornado last year, and when I rebuilt, I had the foresight to prewire my house with CAT6 Ethernet. Lotsa jacks in every room, so I can hook up all my electronic goodies. Part of the purpose was to enable streaming of audio and video from one location in the house to...
  34. A

    can i unlock my sprint s4 and use it with metropcs

    Can i unlock my sprint s4 and use it with metropcs carrier
  35. EndlessMidnight

    DNS server address keeps changing by itself

    Sometimes when I'm about to use the internet it's not working and my computer shows the little yellow triangle in the network section. Since the turning on and off method almost never works for router/modems I went to the modem's settings to see if anything was wrong and everything seemed fine...
  36. S

    Samsung Smart TV Network Connection Issue UN60ES8000

    I'm finding many threads on this site and across the internet regarding network connection issues with Samsung tvs. Unfortunately, I've only found one site which actually discusses the issue I'm having but no solution was found...
  37. P

    No Wifi Connection (No Internet Period)

    Hi, I dont have any network connection icons in my control panel for my Packard Bell., No LAN, No Wifi, but i have had this before
  38. A

    my wifi is working great and says it is connected but wont access through apps that use wifi like social media etc. pls,help?

    i have a samsung tablet 3 and it works but it wont access through internet access apps and says no network connection which the wifi says its connected
  39. R

    Hello, I don't a see a NETWORK forum. No windows forums either?

    I have a WD My Book Live 2TB Personal Cloud Storage NAS I bought 2 years ago. I was put off by how slow the wireless transfers were between my laptops an the NAS drive so I did not use anymore. The Drive has the AC cable and an Ethernet cable that connects to the Router. I wonder If can use the...
  40. D

    HELP!!! Purchasing Computer

    I am looking for a new laptop? I am a full-time student, four kids, and I work from home. I have not bought a new computer in 10 years. I would like to have a computer that will be able to work as fast as a corporate network connection. Any suggestions are welcome.
  41. L

    trouble locating ssid for pc to tablet network connection

    i am prompted to enter ssid when attempting to add network connection to my tablet. I have tried my infinity username but it does not apply.
  42. J

    How do i change network connection

    Hello, i have a netgear router for my pc & iphone. When I unplug my laptop I cannot access the intenet
  43. B

    I have a new iPad2. It asks for my network name. How do I find it?

    what ipod network connection ?
  44. P

    Network issue in samsung s5360

    Hello, Anybody facced issues on network connection specific to S5360. I saw one review comment but confused it may be service provider issue. Thanks for feedback.
  45. M

    No network connection

    My Samsung NB30 netbook will not recognize any networks. I turned it on and it will not recognize mine, or the one next door. It says that there are none, when I'm currently on another laptop using it. I've read though some other questions, and tried to delete the current network, but anything...
  46. exfileme

    Aperion Audio Intros Network Speaker for Windows

    This wireless speakers allows users to listen to music anywhere there's a home network connection. Aperion Audio Intros Network Speaker for Windows : Read more
  47. N

    Network slowdown with anu script manager 6.0

    Respected Sir / Madam / Friend...! I have a problem with anu script manager 6.0, when i try to change language using anu script manager it changes language very very slowly, when i disabled my network connection at My network places, it works fine without any delay. Kindly help me out regarding...
  48. S

    Solved! Repair wii fi network connection on motherboard

    Have a Acer 3680 and am not able to find a wireless connection, have tried repair and still no connection. the only way to connect to the internet is by going hardwired. can you help :)
  49. F

    Ethernet or USB network connection to TV

    Hello, I just setup a 3D, high density Samsung tv and a Samsung Blu-ray player. I believe both have USB and Ethernet ports. My LAN is via a Comcast (Motorola) modem and a Linksys router. I see an open port on the back of the modem and three on the back of the router. My TV is about ten feet from...
  50. M

    Connecting wifi in samsung galaxy 5(i5503)

    Hello, i am able to conect wifi to my mobile but i am not able to browse it says the message as failed network connection
  51. exfileme

    This Week's Top 10 BitTorrent Movies

    Crack out that secure network connection! This Week's Top 10 BitTorrent Movies : Read more
  52. L

    Ibm rapid restore

    I have a desktop computer and a message keeps popping up and I'm not sure what it means. It's saying the drive or network connection that the shortcut 'ibm rapid restore lnk' refers to is unvailable. Make sure the disk is properly inserted or the network resource is available.
  53. G

    dvarchive not fetching 97124 Dish, Portland

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm troublshooting a network connection bewteen my replaytv and and noticed that my copy of dvarchive is unable to get program listings from the same provider as my replay's are set to. I'm wondering if the...
  54. G

    Did PPPoE break my network to 5040?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) My DSL ISP converted to PPPoE a month ago which somehow broke my Wireless bridge network connection I had for my 5040. It was working fine prior to that. When I select to have it automatically set up, it successfully finds a...
  55. G

    Gigabit loopback?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) We have an application that requires a network connection in order to function, to ensure the field based guys can run it when on the road I made a batch of loopback cables to 'fool' the OS into thinking it was on a LAN... We have just had...