No Signal on iPhone 3G

Alex Kiraly

Jul 9, 2013
Hey, I had my iPhone 3G since 3 years now and i dropped it a few times. Suddenly, like a year ago, the signal started going down. I fixed this by toggling 3G, but since a while my signal was gone all the way. However, when i insert the SIM card it has full bars for around 5 minutes, and i am able to make quality calls and text in the first 2 minutes. After that, the signal disappears and it displays No Service. I tried the following:
- Replace the dock (antenna + mic + speaker + charging dock)
- Restore to 3.1.3
- Restore to 4.1.2
- Restore to Whited00r 6.0
- Check for the inductor near the antenna (it's there)

Any ideas? Seems like hardware-related