Normal Temperatures for Laptop


Mar 14, 2014
i just asus ux501. i think the laptop is CPU temperatures go as high as 87 degree just after 10min of use(with a hard surface like a glass table) cpu throttles down from its 2.5-3.3ghz speed to just 1.4ghz and at times 800mhz...i think my GPU is okay though im not sure about the gpu. so should i get my laptop changed. or is it a design fault....also will the use of a laptop cooler improve the temperatures......because i start the game at 30-40ish fps at 1080p...after 10mins i cant play at 1366*768


Jun 9, 2015
Causes of overheating:

1. Dust and other "junk" that accumulates inside the body
Regularly once a month clean-up in the form of blowing compressed air from special cans and vacuuming.
In advanced cases - for "general cleaning" contact the service center.

2. Clogged or cover the vents
In addition to cleaning the activities described in the preceding paragraph can not put a laptop on soft porous surfaces (bed, blanket, knees), which may cover the ventilation holes on the unit. Ideally, if the laptop should be placed on a hard, flat surface so that at a distance of 15 cm from it do not find any items that may interfere with the normal operation of the cooling fans, and is difficult for them to suck in outside air inside.
Well special stand under the laptop helps to improve the cooling: passive - a simple grid, no fans, but lifting the bottom, especially its back, active - with fans.

3. drying CPU and graphics processor's thermal paste
After a year and a half, and even much earlier (especially in case of intensive and continuous PC using) function in the heat-conducting layer of thermal paste, which is located between the CPU and the heat sink, significantly weakened in consequence of its drying and occurrence of air gaps.
And even for the prevention, it should be replaced. In addition, manufacturers, seeking to save on the price of the product, often use cheap thermal paste with not the best heat-conducting properties. If thermopaste changes to a more expensive but more effective, it is possible to substantially reduce the heating temperature of the processor.
Therefore, this procedure is best done at a service center.

4. Worn bearings, backlash, the axis of rotation and skewing fan noise
These unpleasant consequences arise from the constant uneven accumulation of dust and hairs on the blades of the fan and its ball bearings. As a result, becoming unbalanced, there are additional centrifugal forces increase friction coefficients enhanced inhibitory effects, which leads to deterioration of the fan and reducing its cooling efficiency. Cleaning, lubrication, and then replacing the fan. The best venue for these activities - service center.

5. Incorrect BIOS settings
You can download a new version of the laptop vendor's BIOS and update it. If it's possible, increase the fan speed (usually there is lower speed to reduce power consumption and noise). If you do not allow to do this, you can use the tools, controling the speed of rotation of the fan, for example: SpeedFan.
Still, for help and advice if you suspect this cause of overheating is better to turn to a service center.

6. Incorrect drivers
Unsuitable for this particular laptop model, or installed operating system driver is recommended to change to a more compatible. You can, of course, download them from the Internet and experiment with their reinstallation. However, in order to avoid possible problems with the operating system and hardware, again contact the service center.

7. Incorrect operating system's work
Refers to configuring the power saving modes, or rather their "no setting," and disabling unnecessary or rarely used services, processes and autoloading programs.
In addition to improving system performance and reducing power consumption, it will also reduce the load of the RAM and hard disk, which will have the better impact on their temperatures.

8. Strong computational load
As you know, the more computationally complex tasks are given to the computer, the more it heats up.
That's why do not render a video in After Effects, three-dimensional images into 3D Max, do not handle the "heavy" graphics in Photoshop, do not play demanding games and force the laptop to solve other similar problems, of course, if he is not a representative of a series of special high-power noutom or game monsters.
Or buy a laptop cooling stand. It, at least, will help to "push" the threshold of overheating and related processes.

9. Initially, the developer poorly designed cooling system for laptop
If heated above normal laptop is new - definitely it's the developer's blame. He designed and implemented a suboptimal cooling system. There is only one way - active cooling pad, the larger the diameter of its fans the better it will be.

Stan Patzitul

Jul 3, 2015
Any computer starts to fall to pieces if the weather temperature is above 30C and the cooling is not right.

What puzzles me is that I have heard about wrecked laptops just for laying them on the bed.

When a laptop is set on a soft surface such as a bed or carpeting, the fan intake vents for air (which are usually located on the bottom) to cool the cpu/gpu are blocked, resulting in little airflow, causing overheating and possible damage to the cpu/gpu.

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