Solved! Not enough separation of left and right audio with headphones plugged in.

Jan 23, 2019
Headphones don't separate left and right audio. Audio settings are not set to mono. In the configure option,it shows that it's playing only through left and right. In reality, it plays about 40 percent through the speaker it's not supposed to. I've tried multiple headphones. with the same result. I've tried the same headphones in other computers, they work fine. When playing back through the laptop speaker system left only plays left and right for right as it's supposed to.
First I would suggest, from the main "Sound" window, that you click once on the headset to highlight it and then click the "Configure" button to make sure they are set up correctly. Should this not help enough then try the following...

1. Go into "Control Panel" and then "Sound" .
2. In here (while the headphones are plugged in) click once on the headphones to highlight them and then click the "Configure" button.
3. Follow the steps in here and use the "Test" button as well.
4. Once done with that, go back to the main "Sound" window and make sure the headphones are still highlighted.
5. Now click on the "Properties" button.
6. In here you want to click on the "Levels" tab and then next to the item you wish to change click the "Balance" button.
7. In here you can set the levels for both sides (left and right). They could be offset, which you would see in this and the prior screen.

Jan 23, 2019

Even though these steps were tried, I did them again as written. Same results. I have ruled out bad port by turning the levels on either the left or right to 0 and 100 respectively, then testing the sound. Each time, the speaker with levels at 0 play no sound as they should. The speaker with the levels at 100 still play both left and right sounds. (sound is somewhat reduced for the side it shouldn't be playing)

I have made sure the drivers were up to date. I even uninstalled from device manager and reinstalled. All for the same result.

SO Frustrating.
It is still possible that it is the port. A way to test that would be to use a 3.5mm to USB adapter and connect through that. They are pretty cheap. If it works fine through that, then it is likely the port. If it is the port, and if the device is under warranty, then I would contact the manufacturer about fixing it.

Also, you may want to try updating your drivers, just in case.


Sep 22, 2011
On a lot of sound cards you can just plug into one of the other ports and reconfigure it as an output, worth a try at least.
Also you don't have any audio software installed adding effects maybe? Some settings like hall for example add in some echo.
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