Notebook Boot Drive Problem

Monte Jones

Dec 5, 2014
After a Windows 10 update the notebook locked up. After rebooting the drive was locked. Re-partioned with a Linux disk since Windows offered to solution. Linux can read/write to the drive (ntfs or fat) but windows cannot see the drive, because it recognizes it as an external drive even though it is not All was fine with linux or windows installations before the lockup. Any solutions? Thanks

Additionally, I wanted to reinstall Win10 but shifted to Linux to solve the boot problem because Linux is more intelligent. Linux will partition the HDD and install LinuxMint 7.1 but then fails to boot from the hard drive. Linux WILL boot the installation from the HDD but only with the install CD-ROM in the DVD drive. Then I can read and write text files to he HDD. The drive is shown as "healthy." From the repair tools on the Windows install disk it is not possible to install a new partition. Windows says "Disk 0 Unallocated space 0.0. Free disk space 0.0" It seems that he HDD is OK but has a booting problem with Linux and Windows. Dual boot is NOT involved in this problem. I use this older Packard-Bell notebook for trials and experimentation. I have another Linuxint 7 notebook that is used for daily and serious purposes. I have a Windows 8.1 notebook convertible (display detaches for a 15-inch tablet). I wanted to test Windows 10 Preview natively. Linux is now back on the Packard-Bell machine but it will not boot without the Linuxmint CD. Hopes this better explains the problem so that help can be forthcoming. Thanks. MJ


What exactly do you mean the drive was locked? Are you trying to install Windows again on it and it does not see the drive properly? Try changing from AHCI to ATA mode see if that will enable it to be seen by Windows.
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