Notebook with better CPU or better GPU?

Which one is more important to you?(Given everything else is exactly the same)

  • Better CPU

    Votes: 1 33.3%
  • Better GPU

    Votes: 2 66.7%

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Oct 19, 2014
Hi, right now i am confused between choosing a laptop with better CPU and another laptop with a better GPU. Both are Lenovo Laptops, and cost exactly the same (699 Euros), which makes my decision tougher. The laptops are:

Laptop 1:
Lenovo IdeaPad Z50-70 (59424261)
CPU:  i7-4510U
GPU: GeForce 840M Nvidia(4GB)
8 Gb RAM

Laptop 2:
Lenovo G710 (59424188)
CPU:   i7-4712MQ
GPU: GeForce 820M Nvidia(2 GB)
8 Gb RAM

Both the laptops are pretty similar and the only differences being the CPU and the GPU. My question is for Laptop 1, even though it has a 4GB graphics card will the i7-4510U processor really be able to take full advantage of the 4GB graphics Card?

Should I buy the Laptop 2, which has an great quad core processor. The benchmarks i have seen online show i7-4712MQ has nearly double the performance score of i7-4510U. But the problem is it has a not so great 2GB Nvidia GeForce 820M graphics card. Is the difference between the two graphics card pretty drastic?

My main usage of the laptop is to be able to play FIFA 15 and also the latest version which will release in the future like FIFA 16,17. Also i would be playing lot of GTA and i hope my laptop will be compatible with the future version of these games as well. I will also will be using high memory consumptive CAD softwares.

So which laptop should i decide upon? Or is there a better laptop in this price range more suitable for me?Also if you had decide between a laptop with better GPU or better CPU which one would you choose?

Will appreciate any sort of help!

When gaming is the primary focus you want the laptop with the GPU because ultimately for most games it is the GPU that is the bottleneck as long as the CPU is so slow that it is bottlenecking the GPU.

Both GPUs are actually not powerful enough to make use of 2GB of RAM for textures. They are not fast enough to make up for the performance penalty that high texture quality imposes. The extra 2GB does come in handy if you work with large digital graphic files in programs like Photoshop though.