Nptebook build via Eurocom


Mar 14, 2012
I'm wondering if any guru's out there would be interested in helping customize a laptop from Eurocom? (
(I live in Toronto and have had a bad experience with Dell, Sager's customization options are limited as are Toshiba's and Sony's, Reflex Notebooks are in Quebec and NCIX only customizes desktops)

This will be primarily a gaming system but I also do a lot of AutoCAD and MS Office work for my business. I want to be able to run ANY pc game on the market today (namely Crisis 2, Metro 2033, CoD)

The reason I need help is based on confusion .....

I would like to be able to upgrade any system I buy (if necessary, depending on future technologies)
--- Ivy Bridge platform (maybe next year if MOBO allows it?)
--- GPU (maybe SLI or Xfire with dual cards down the road)
--- RAM
--- Windows 8 (maybe)

I'm looking at the Neptune model (17.3") $1799.00 base price. I am giving myself a budget of $2500.00 (but could max out at $3K)
I do want the matte display so that gives a base price of $1999.00 right out of the gate.
Not sure if I want/need an SSD or even a hybrid for that matter because I do own a 3TB external drive (which is basically empty)
These systems have no OS installed so that up's the base price again. (Win 7 Premium, 64 bit english would be fine)
I also own Office 2010 on disk

Anyway ..... if anyone is interested in putting in their 2 cents I would love to hear your input.
Thank you



Mar 14, 2012
Hi WR2

Yes, I sent them an email this morning (no reply as of yet)

But based of the premise that knowledge is power I want to get as much info on this build as I can.

Stupid little questions ......

Is the GTX 580M worth the $ over the 6990M
Is the 6990M loud (fan)
RAM config .... 2x4, 4x2, 2 SODIMMs, 4 SODIMMs

just dont understand all of options, which I guess is why im confused lol

IMO the 6990M is the much better value. The extra $320 for the GTX 580 doesn't get you anything like $320s worth of extra performance.
Fan noise lets you know you're gaming. But it's not terrible.
8GB (2x4) is probably where you want to start out on RAM.

It's not that much longer before the first Ivy Bridge systems roll out.
And the new AMD 7xxx/Nvidia 6xx graphics cards series should be out with them.

How much of a hurry are you in?


Mar 14, 2012
not really in a hurry .... I have an Inspiron 1720 Core 2 80GB drive with Vista and I have to run everything off my external drive. It's driving me insane so I need to get off my wallet and slip into a newer system.

Depending on what site you read, ivy bridge (after the delay) will be released to desktop OEM's before laptops so I'm not sure if I want to wait for a few months. I think that's the reason I want an "expandable" system now.

You'd think for $2.5-3K I should be able to get an upgradable system now wouldn't you?
The duty onto of Ontario taxes is limiting me to a canadian build. I hate the look of the Alienware chassis too. I suppose if I didnt have to take my laptop to business meetings the alien thing would probably be ok.
Laptops/Notebooks have always been compromises between price, performance and portability.
And that especially includes upgrading. I usually suggest selling a laptop (instead of upgrading) for market value and use the proceed to get a whole new system.

For $2500 you could get a pretty 'kick-ass' gaming desktop AND a svelte & business stylish laptop.


Mar 14, 2012
Hello Donnybrook,

For starters I love the name. My name is Nick, I am a Eurocom sales associate. I would be more than happy to help and answer any questions you have.

With regards to what you have posted, there are a few things I would like to cover with you
If you would like to call me direct I can be reached 613-224-6122 EX:7968 or email

Thank you.
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