nVidia Geforce 7000M driver for Win 10-64Bit not found at nVidia.


Sep 8, 2016
Microsoft installed a Basic Display Adapter Driver instead. That's not a problem for the Acer Aspire 7520-5460 Notebook LCD display, but I can't use a 64 Hertz refresh rate for my projector. It requires a 60 Hz refresh rate. There wasn't a problem with the previous Win7 O/S, but since installing the Win10 Anniversary Update, this new driver refresh rate has appeared. I wouldn't mind so much if they'd at least provided the alternate 60 Hz refresh rate!!! This notebook is the property of a Nature Study club and there are limited funds available, so new equipment is not an option! Hope someone can help. Thanks....
nVidia compatibility issue with Windows 10.... http://ivanrf.com/en/nvidia-compatibility-issue-with-windows-10/

Visit this and see if it will help walk you through the problem. :)