Performance loss after a few hours - Restarting solves


Jan 30, 2018
Hello, I’ve recently bought an Alienware R4 notebook with a GTX 1070 and 120hz QHD screen. Im absolutely happy with the performance but I have an issue. When I turn on my computer, everything is fine. Usually the first hour of my gameplay is smooth and lagless. After a while, I start to notice input lag and permanent fps drops. For exemple, my first game in Overwatch is usually around 250 fps if I just have turned on the PC. Every single match the fps gets reduced. I assume I have an avarage of 50 fps loss every hour. After a point when the game becomes unplayable for me (80-90 fps in overwatch low settings) I restart my PC and the cycle starts again. I play my first game after the restart smoothly, over time it gets worse. I play a lot of modern FPS games such as Black Ops 2-3, Battlefield series, CS:GO and mostly Overwatch. Therefore input lag is usually a problem for me while playing these games, not just fps. Please don’t tell me “Your FPS is limited with your display refresh rate” because yes I know, but there is a huge input delay difference between playing 250+ fps and 120 fps. Even though it didn’t matter, I would like to know why my computer is capable of playing a game above 200 fps but doesn’t.

Here is a list of things that could help you find a solution:

My computer:

1- There is no overheating. I’ve monitored the gpu and cpu temps within 4 hours or so, the max temp the gpu gets is 65 and the cpu is 55-60 depending on the game. The temps are exactly the same as my first game and 3 hours later.

2- There are no other programs running except steam, origin, and discord. It does not change the process even if I open any other program such as spotify etc

3- NVidia settings are ALL high performance chosen.

4- My graphics driver is up to date.

5- Game DVR and shadowplay etc are ALL off

6- Windows power plan is set to high performance

7- I’m not sure if all the services in msconfig except Microsoft ones are disabled, will try to disable them all and give more info tomorrow. But I assure you most of them are disabled.

8- There is no delayed launcher or any update agent that starts working after a while.

9- Power cable and adapter is completely fine.

10- Bios and all drivers are up to date.

11- I’ve done hardware checks of CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, HDD they are all clean.

12- I’ve tried “clean boot” but it only makes the process slower. The performance loss is still there.

Any suggestion is appreciated, thank you for your time.


Jan 30, 2018
Question from icancanakci : "Alienware 17 goes slow after a few hours, restart solves it."

My specs:
GTX 1070
intel i7 7700HQ

The notebook is pretty new. I play a lot of competitive fps games thus fps and input lag are big issues for me. When I boot the computer in the morning it works just fine for a straight 2 hour or so. Slowly, I get performance loss. For exemple, in the first two hours I get around 240 fpn in overwatch (low settings for minimum latency) and the input lag is not noticable, almost nonexistent. I created a thread before about the input lag, its not caused by the usb port nor the mouse, I think it’s connected to this issue. Anyways, after the first hours, let’s say 3rd hour, I get around 180~200. Around 4th hour, I start to get lower than 120 and its unbearable for me because the input lag messes up my gameplay. I reboot the computer, the cycle restarts.

What I’ve tried?
-Ran a full hardware check in Dell Support Assist, everything is fine.
-Disabled all unnecessary services and closed all applications before playing
-Updated all drivers
-Ran a RAM check, its clean
-Clean boot does not change anything
-nvidia settings are all on maximum performance
-The most important one, there is no overheating. The first two hours the gpu is around 65C and the CPU is around 60C. In my prev notebook I was seeing over 80C and had no problems. When the performance loss starts, the temps are pretty much the same, the max temp of the gpu is 67-68 and the cpu is max 60 again.

Any help is appreciated. I don’t want to resend it to dell because it’s gonna take a while for them to send it back for whatever reason.