Oculus rift Cv1 juddering issues gtx 1080??

--Eric 1979--

Jun 29, 2016
I am having issues with my oculus rift cv1, and I can't figure out what could possibly be causing the problem. I have a new computer that I had custom built by a local computer store in October, and here are most of my specs (the video card I just got last month). Intel i7 6700 processor, a EVGA gtx 1080,16 gigs of RAM, and a Samsung terabyte SSD drive. I don't remember the motherboard but I know that it is geared towards gaming. I've tried everything including uninstalling and reinstalling the oculist software including downloading all my games again which took forever, I changed some graphics settings in my video card, to reinstalling Windows 10 x64 3 times and downloading everything again to steam and oculus with no old existing files that could cause issues.

I dropped settings in a lot of games and still the same type of doubled image. There are a few games on the oculus store that give me more problems than others. Some games work perfectly well such as lucky's tale, esper 2 and eve valkyrie. But games like adrift, project cars, into the dead (which surprised me that it would have such bad juddering being a port of the gear VR game), and several Steam VR games to name just a few that are performing poorly. I own over 30 games for VR now, and I would say about 30% of them give me less then good performance, let alone stellar like I hear people are having with the same specs. I keep reaching out to oculus but they keep sending me generic answers that don't help me at all. I don't have any overclocks applied because I figured I wouldn't need it with such beefy hardware.

I don't go to any inappropriate sites on this PC, and I only download games from steam and oculus, nowhere else. This PC was built specifically for gaming and that's all I do on it.

To explain exactly what's happening I am seeing a doubled image of things passing by me on the left and right of me when I turn to the left and right in games while moving. When I look forward I don't see it. I also occasionally will get stutters when I am moving my head and the image on the screen will pause for a second, then continue were my head is currently after the hiccup. I have seen other people on the Internet posting about the same problems but no one has any real solution.

Sorry my post was so wordy and long, it's just that I wanted to be sure you had all the information that I could provide. Like I said it's not in all of the games but there are quite a few that should not be acting the way they are. Any guidance would be much appreciated and would drop my stress levels immensely because this was not an inexpensive venture to have subpar VR.

Thank you for listening to my long-winded post and I hope to hear from someone soon to help me finally get to the bottom of these issues.



Oct 11, 2014
Do other games all work correctly outside of VR? This can help narrow things down. I'm guessing you have the latest Nvidia drivers, as well as other drivers and UEFI version for your motherboard. What settings have you changed for your GTX 1080? Outside of this, have you tried other USB ports for the headset and sensor? Even though it's certain games, tried moving the sensor? Have you tried resetting/recalibrating when changing to the problem games? I'm actually testing my CV1 Oculus on my X79 build w/ an EVGA GTX 1080(going in my main system soon hopefully) as well. I actually have to use a USB 2.0 port for the sensor, as it doesn't like the particular Asmedia controller on my X79 board. Headset USB 3.0 seems to be fine according to Oculus software. Even so, it's running fine w/ no judders like you're describing even though Oculus reminds me about potential performance problems a 2.0 port for the sensor. However, I just installed yesterday and only have Lucky's Tale and EVE: Valkyrie; no other games to test. My CC still is on fire from rift purchase itself, lol, so I haven't gotten other games yet.
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