Question Odd problem with Dell 7577 gaming laptop: Keyboard only types if Caps Lock is ON

Apr 15, 2020
I only noticed the problem today while attempting a reinstall of Win 10. Prior to that I used an external keyboard and mouse.
The problem has the following symptoms:

  1. Keyboard only types if Caps lock is ON. (All letters are capitalized)
  2. If I hold down SHIFT, I can type in lowercase.
  3. If I press keys with Caps Lock OFF, key presses translate into commands or shortcuts; e.g., while typing on notepad, pressing keys will select file, edit, or any other functions.
Things I've tried:
  1. The problem disappears if I am using an external keyboard.
  2. I've installed Poppy Linux on a flash stick, and proceeded to check if the problem persists there away from Win 10. The problem persists regardless of OS.
  3. On Win10, I installed an app called "PassMark KeyboardTest - Keyboard test software", there I can see that while Caps Lock is ON all keys press normally. However, when Caps Lock is OFF, a groupd of keys appear to ber permentanly pressed and some others are randomaly being pressed althouogh I am not touching the keyboard. See this image for which keys are pressed/stuck when Caps lock is OFF
  4. On Win10, on-screen keyboard shows that ALT and ScrLk keys are permanently pressed when Caps Lock is OFF.
I have not found any help on Dell website or similar threads on this forum. I am hoping that I don't have to replace the keyboard (I am in a currently locked down area due to the COVID19 and I will need to establish first if it does need a replacement).

Has anyone experienced similar issue? Some have suggested online that reseating the keyboard cable might fix the issue; other suggested a new keyboard; while I've also read that BIOS or other software issues might be the cause of erratic keyboards. I am puzzled how the issues appears software based more than hardware given the action of the keyboard.

Any suggestions are welcome :)



Sounds like you need to try another keyboard. Nothing in the BIOS can cause this, and since you tried it on a Linux boot disk and it does the same thing, that rules out any software issues. Works with an external keyboard, so really the only option left is the laptop keyboard is bad.
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