Old Klipsch speakers worth anything?


Dec 11, 2013
That's what I thought. I forgot to mention that the sub has a bunch of controls on it and was wondering if it was integrated into the system (the DVD player/amp). Though I did go and look at the sub and I'm not sure it's powered by the DVD as it does have its own power cord where it is plugged in separate from the DVD. I'll try to post a picture but likely will be after tomorrow. Maybe the link I found isn't exactly the unit I had.
the klipsch speakers arent bad but the dvd/receiver combo is complete trash.

you might be able to sell the speakers and sub as a kit to someone provided that a) the speakers have a standard speaker wire lead or connection and b) the subwoofer is self powered and takes a standard subwoofer cable.

i wouldnt expect big money though... but someone likely would be interested if the above two things are true.