Solved! Home - Klipsch Speakers with Onkyo Receiver??


Feb 4, 2017
Alright guys, want to get your input on what you think of this setup:
2 Klipsch R-820-F
1 Klipsch R-34-C
1 Klipsch R-120SW
2 Klipsch RIC-65
2 Klipsch R-51-M
Onkyo TX-NR676

The setup will be 5.1.2. My room is 12’ x 22’ and the home theater system will be in half the room since you are sitting so close to the tv these days (4K tv).

Will this setup work well with each other? Speakers are purchased and I am fairly decided on the receiver, but do not know if it will overpower or underpower the speakers. I don’t want to damage anything and want the receiver/speakers to work well together.
All I have is generic feedback: As long as the power ratings are in ballpark for both pieces. You are not driving lower ohm spkers than ur receiver is spec to handle, am good with it.