Old laptop pcmcia slot


Jun 4, 2015
I have a very old Compaq Aero running win95.
The laptop itself has no CD drive or disk drive.
I would like to put some old software on it and play around with it some.
It has a pcmcia type 2 slot.
I was wanting to put a cardbus USB card in it to accomplish this, but am unsure of what to buy or what will fit/work.
There are too many types to choose from like pcmcia type 1,2,3 cardbus, express card, express card 54, 16 bit, 32 bit etc etc
Many conflicting google results.
Can anyone tell me what type I should be buying?

Shaun o

If you flip the laptop it`s self over, as well as the brand of compaq, you should also be able to get the exact model number of the laptop from the sticker on the underside of it.

Once you have it just type in google Compaq and the model number of it with the word specifications added to the search query.

You should be able to find the specifications of the laptop and what type of PCMCIA card slot it has Devildjinn ok.

Its the best bit of advice I can give you.